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      Shandong Huaxian Stevia Co.,LTD was established in 1985 , for 10 years of hard work , Huaxian people works deligently , sacrifice themselves siliently to improve products' quality and upgrade the outlook of the enterprise , so each of her economic parameters are rising year by year , and she has continously won the society 's acceptance and awards from the governments .
   "Huaxian " always sticks to the principle : Relying on talents , composing her outlook , deepening management , persistent creation , fine quality and high efficiency , serving the society . Taking advanced production processes (resin extraction ) , equipments and testing method (HPLC ) , we produce natural health-care sweetener -stevia sugar for human use .
   The company have the following financial paramaters : registered capital --23 million yuan; total asset --2 hundred million yuan; and belongs to a leading stevia sugar producer in China food additive field ; and owns the largest stevia production & export area and R & D centre. At present it has production capacity of 1000 tons , and it is the only stevia enterprise which won awards from shandong provincial government , China National Agricultural Ministry , Light Industry Ministry and the 5 th Asia Pacific exhibition fair , and was cerified green food by China green food development centre in 1999. The products are well sold to Japan ,South Korea ,Taiwan , the United States , Brazil and other countries or regions .

  Due to its pure & natural sweetness , stevia sugar has wide applications , and has rising demand , so this is a good chance for stevia business . nowadays " Huaxian " takes modifications as its main task to upgrade its product and management , undergo modern enterprise systems and speed up R& D , and take customers ' demand as marketing strategy. The company tries to establish a stevia kingdom by means of famous brand , property ownership as a tie , up-to -date technology as support , make the stevia business conform to international standard , walk with beautiy march forward with the world.

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